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Amanda is an extremely positive force in my life. Her advice has consistently helped me grow my business and assisted me in all of my working relationships. Her unique ability to come up with out of the box intuitive solutions has been a huge factor in my continuing success."

Warren Huart, Grammy nominated Producer/Songwriter and Owner, Swing House Studios

"Amanda changed the course of my professional life in one session. After one session with her I had several strong professional prospects requesting to meet with me. I'm now getting offers that I never even dreamed I would have. I call it the "Amanda Effect." She's the only consultant I've met who has this unique way of assessing, redirecting, and improving the current way you do business.

Whether you're well-established in your profession, a successful business owner, choosing a new career path, or need new life breathed into your business, Amanda is a catalyst, a muse, and a charm. A meeting (even a phone call) with Amanda is something you have to experience to truly understand the impact she can have on your business. I'll never approach my career the same way again thanks to her. She is a permanent fixture in my professional life and in my ultimate career vision."

Rachel Townsend, Founder, Status Social Media

"Amanda has helped me take my business to another level. Her feedback and suggestions are consistently right on. She has a natural ability to come up with creative solutions to any problem that lead to successful results."

Laura Stuart, Founder, Laura Elizabeth Jewelry

"Amanda developed an amazing rebranding campaign that has changed the way I do business. Now my company’s image matches our talent level. Business has never been better!"

James Eakin, TV and Film Composer

"Amanda has the drive and knows the avenue to take. She’s affirmative, strong willed, and determined."

Jesse Davis, CEO, PowerHouse Creative

"In these days of advancing impersonality of automated everything, it's comforting to know there's a person like Amanda Horowitz who, just like her dad David before her, is there to assist in positively bridging between consumers and businesses because she knows that's the way of the future."

Dr. H. Ron Hulnick, President,
University of Santa Monica

"Amanda is committed to giving you expert and first class results."

Debra Byrd, CEO, STAR School

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Amanda Horowitz is the CEO of Fight Back! and the co-founder of 20 million consumers follow Fight Back!'s advice in a monthly article in Costco Connection Magazine.
Fight Back! pioneered the consumer advocacy movement through its successful nationally syndicated television show, Fight Back! with David Horowitz. The show exposed fraud and informed consumers of their rights, helping them become more aware. Amanda's father is the pioneer behind the Fight Back! brand and is undeniably America's most recognized on-air consumer expert and advisor.
Fight Back! has received 15 Emmy Awards, over 400 awards from
government and citizens groups, and has drafted over 50 pieces of consumer-related legislation.
As the CEO of Fight Back!, Amanda continues to champion for consumers and to build bridges between consumers and businesses. She has moved the brand into the digital age, reintroducing its legacy strong points to a new generation. Amanda is the recipient of a master's degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica where she studied effective coaching and communication techniques under thought leaders Dr. H. Ronald and Mary Hulnick.
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